The Search Page

Welcome to the search page. The search engine used is the entropysearch cgi package offered by more than a few ISP's. It works pretty well, but it does have a couple of quirks that bear mentioning.

The first is that it does not seem to catalog words with only one, two, or three letters - four letters or more and you should be golden. So sorry BMW afficianados, but 'BMW' returns no hits. In this case, you should try using the model designation instead, but, for example, use r100 instead of r100/7. As for my name, it seems to sail right under the radar as well - funny that...

The second quirk is that it can only search for one word at a time, so no multi-word searches here.

The search results will be returned in a new window, but repeated searches will return in the first window that opened.

If you can't find what you are looking for here, consider using one of the net search engines with 'fraon' in the search field.

Happy searching!